About Us

Start Right Vegan is based in Battersea, I provide healthy vegan  Caribbean food enhanced with nutrition. My aim is to help others on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. I changed my diet back in 2006 due to health issues and a terrible eating habit. I then came up with  my business idea in 2016 with knowledge and understanding of what a vegan diet and healthy eater requires. 

Start Right Vegan  is a small  run from home business.  I have a passion for food and a aspiration for helping others live a healthy and nutritional lifestyle without using animal products.  When  creating my  recipes flavour is the most important thing for me. I  want to introduce more and more people to a healthy  lifestyle and share my knowledge.

I love cooking. I also love my customers, that’s why there are no additives or preservatives. My food is prepared in a happy environment and cooked with love.



Start right vegan is a  catering service located in Clapham Common area. We cater for small functions and deliver locally.  We are dedicated to helping people change diets or live a healthier lifestyle.